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Beth Keyser

Broker, Newberg, OR. 97132

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Premiere Property Group

Newberg, OR   97132

Phone: 503-730-2599
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Fax: 503-217-7577
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Awards: Emerald Award

Mulit Million Dollar Producer

Team Multi Million Dollar Producer

Special Interests: Pastel Artist, Fused Glass Artist, and Standard Poodles


  • 19 year resident of Newberg, Oregon, 32 year resident of Alaska
  • Short Sale Specialist
  • Have great understanding of home deficiencies and the remedies necessary
  • Personally attend to all my own Real Estate business
  • Have an established team of service providers to help clients through the process
  • Continue to take as much schooling as possible to be the best agent I can be
  • Own and manage four apartment complexes
  • Honestly enjoy what I do

My father always said I should sell real estate!

When I was growing up in Alaska our family owned a large amount of rental properties. By the time I was 10 years old I was helping clean the apartments on the weekends and fielding calls on the units for rent. I learned about business very early in my life. It has always seemed natural to be in business for my self.

A year after being married when I was 21 I had the opportunity to buy a flower shop so I did. Arctic Blossoms was located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska and was a thriving business catering to the Attorneys and business people of the downtown area. I enjoyed the floral business but you were definitely married to it. I wanted to have a family so I sold my business.

Once I had my first son, Peter, the economy in Alaska was changing a lot. There were a lot of foreclosed properties and my husband Brian worked for a bank at that time, they were desperate for someone to clean the homes, trust me all my years of cleaning experience paid off for these jobs. I fell into cleaning homes that had been burned as my next job. It was a very interesting job working to restore homes that had fire and smoke damage. At that time I found out we were going to have another child so I left that position to stay home with the kids.

After taking some time off for our new son, I fell into a job bathing dogs for a friend who was a dog groomer. I love dogs, so it was a lot of fun. My friend wanted to retire; I started to train to become a full fledged dog groomer. I opened my own shop in my garage, I had loyal clientele and made very good money but it was hard physical work. When we moved to Oregon I was glad to let the grooming go, now I groom Bellagio my standard Poodle.

I home-schooled the boys up until their freshman years and then they attended CSLewis Academy. Peter graduated valedictorian he has graduated from George Fox University, now holds his CPA license and will go in to Tax Law. To this date I now have two beautiful grandsons, and two adorable granddaughters.

Andrew married a year ago and has blessed us with a granddaughter. He is a  graduate of Whitworth College in Spokane and holds a Marketing degree. He has decided to follow my footsteps and is joining me in selling Real Estate. I am excited to have such a knowledgable, intellegent, and motivated partner, you will enjoy working with him, he is smart and so funny!

Our son Edik is from Russia. He is a joy to have in our family. He is a kind, gentle and compassionate young man. He is learning what it means to be in a family and has an incredible passion for cars.

Why do I sell Real Estate? Originally it was to earn money to help pay for the boys’ private education at C.S.Lewis Academy and college, that was a good reason. But the more I do it the more it turns into a passion of helping people which I truly enjoy doing.





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