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Newberg is a quiet town just 45 minutes Southwest of Portland heading down 99W.  It is the gate way to the Oregon coast. We have so many great things about our town, you really just need to come out and see.

Newberg boasts of being the home of one of our presidents, Herbert Hoover. His home still stands buy one of our great parks (where you can play frisbee golf), this home is open to the public in the venue of being a museum.

We host a large Quaker community. There are numerous Friends churches and of course the Quaker college George Fox University. George Fox University and Adec Dental Equipment manufacturing company are our largest land owners.

Adec is the largest employer in Newberg; they provide many jobs for Newberg, and McMinnville residents. They have a goal of giving back to the community and do so in numerous ways.

The owners of Adec are the Austin’s, built a 5 star luxury hotel on the outer skirts of the Northeast side of Newberg. It provides more jobs for our community and it is a destination location for out of town guests.

Out of town guests would enjoy the surrounding vineyards. Most all of them have tasting rooms. Memorial Day weekend and Thanksgiving Day weekend the Vineyards host winery and tasting tours, this is an amazing time to come out and see the beauty of the valley and taste the quality of the different grapes.

We have a fantastic artist community. First Friday nights are the art walk. The downtown galleries represent and present different artists. They provide wine and cheese and entertainment as well as the art. In the fall (October) we have the wonderful Art Harvest which encompasses the entire Yamhill County. We have a diverse and interesting group of artist in our area, it is a treat to tour their studios and appreciate their commitment to their craft.

We have your normal shopping for a town of our size. The major players are Fred Meyers and Safeway. A lot of us go 20 minutes south down the road to McMinnville to Winco when we want to stock up on groceries. We have McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, two Subways, Starbucks and even a Burgerville.  We have Probuild and Newberg Hardware for home improvements but yet we are 15 minutes from a Home Depot and 30 minutes from a Lowe's.

We are the home of one of the very best skate parks. It has one of the best designs; Tony Hawke has even been here and endorsed it. There is an onsite care taker. The skate park and the BMX bike track are heavily used.

Our community is made up of a good mix of residential and multifamily properties. There are just a few manufactured home parks. Two of them are for 55 plus residents. We do have several retirement or care homes for the elderly. One is hosted buy the Friends Church, while two of the others are large corporate owned complexes. They are all very nice facilities. We have several other communities that are housing for 55 plus. It is a very well balanced community in its diversity of housing.

I had chosen to make my home Newberg when I was in College at Linfield in McMinnville back in the 1980's but as the 1990's wore on I was able to come back and truly make this my families home. I love it here and I know you will too.



Newberg the Quiet Place